Also typical of Thinkpads is their range of included communication technologies. While it does cost a fair amount, the Lenovo ThinkPad X proves that you can cram everything you need into a tiny package. In testing, the monitor achieved good results in brightness and illumination measurements. For added usability the Caps Lock has a green light indicator and the power button a white light to indicate power is on. So, details like letters are bigger. The ThinkPad X breaks new ground by packing a broad display, full-size keyboard, and nearly every feature a mobile user needs into a sleek, lightweight case. No registered users and 7 guests.

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Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Lenovo provides a Fantastic battery life and superb ergonomics all combine to produce the best business laptop money can buy.

And, if you don’t need the benefits of solid-state technology, wait for the new models. However, if you often use an optical drive on the road, find yourself usually swapping in an extra battery, or tend to connect multiple peripherals and would prefer not to deal with an external hub, the X is for you.

Review: Lenovo Thinkpad X Notebook – Reviews

The light weight of just over 3 lbs makes it a highly portable notebook as well, perfect for travel purposes. It’s certainly not the right notebook for everyone, the 64GB storage limit, under powered processor and high price immediately eliminates most consumers from even considering umta X Lenovo ThinkPad X Specs. Where to Buy See All. Otherwise the keyboard’s layout and typing feel are quite impressive.


There are actually a few enhancements to the keyboard worth mentioning. Lenovo X notebook – No Compromise Quelle: The Air is better suited for users that don’t often stray too far from their desks and want the thinnest, lightest, sleekest notebook they can find.

As with any ThinkPad, you of course get a double latch mechanism with button release to make sure the screen is held down when it is closed and being carried. Expansion Bays Total Qty. Lenovo is even touting the X as their “greenest” laptop ever, pointing out the energy-saving solid state drive and LED backlit display, as well as the lack of mercury in the screen.

Audio Output Compliant Standards. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. For the sake of weight comparison we put the Not unique to this model, newcomers to umtd Thinkpad series may need some time to get used to the ordering of the Fn and Ctrl keys.

Lenovo ThinkPad X300

So what do we mean by best notebook ever? During office use, the Thinkpad X remains extremely quiet. Lenovo uses the thinnest DVD burner in the industry just 7 mm thick–the same width as the burner on the Toshiba Portg R and offers lenovp 64GB solid state drive SSD that is smaller, lighter, and more durable than a traditional hard drive, though you give up storage space and pay a hefty price.

The challenge for the designers is to decide what ports should stay and which should go based on space allowances. Now, we have Lenovo with its latest high-end business ultraportable. Please take a look at the blow pictures: Battery life was also good, with the 6-cell pack lasting 5 hours and 7 minutes for typical chores and 2 hours while playing a DVD, and you can add a second 3-cell battery in place of the optical drive if need be.


The Kensington lockat the back also on the right, comes as standard on the Lenovo Thinkpad X Though in a more quiet room the fan is certainly audible. Many businesses and consumers are weighing environmental factors in buying decisions for automobiles and certain electronics, lenovp hope that people start to place emphasis on this as part of the buying of PCs too. A fingerprint reader and stereo ,enovo complete the cluttered-looking keyboard deck.

Review: Lenovo Thinkpad X300 Notebook

The X employs the Intel GMA integrated graphics chipset, which is enough to handle Vista’s Aero effects but not enough to power advanced 3D games.

Granted, it’s a tough act to follow and frustrating, too, especially since the ThinkPad X was being developed at the same time as the Umtw Air. Distinguishing feature number one remains the red trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard, nodded to by the red dot on the “i” of the new Thinkpad Logo.

The internal 64GB SSDwhich also gains points for its silent operationfurther contributes to the notebook’s first class results.

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