It now seems to me that for home use Aquaplassed dias are essential. L80T low and mid driver gasket! Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up. There are not a lot of suitable drivers around. Any result of your experiments?

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Mid range driver advice needed

Initial plans were for a TAD From all analyses the JBL sound like a very interesting candidate. So, it looks wonderful.

L80T low and mid driver gasket! Sign in Already have an account? Last edited by mafuta; at As I use a tweeter I am not too concerned about HF extension above 10k.

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He has the be drivers mid-fange sale right now at a very reasonable price. What drivers do you in the bass horn and how do you deal with the time alignment?

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Now, JBL has reportedly fully titanium diaphragm with I presume the titanium suspension. Any result of mi-drange experiments?


As an interim measure I replaced the dias with SL dias and was totally bowled over by the detail retrieval and smoothness of the sound. Of course it doesn’t mean they sound the same,but I would have known what to expect. I’ve seen them md-range they look huge compared to the Klipsch K55 midrange drivers on my and La Scalas.

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I would call it expensive. Still, I got hbl JBL and I will be playing with it, with a naked driver and in various horns I have, probably driving it from my full-range Melquiades.

The whole series is obsolete for a good reason. Back to Romy The Cat’s Home.

I really wanted to get the JBL Be but all attempts by my local Pro dealer have been unsuccessful. But as they both do better when run as balanced I have since commisioned a custom built from a local manufacturer www.

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There are not a lot of suitable drivers around. Both will give you the warmth and clarity that the had with the added benefit of a newer phase plug design. There is negative moment however. Mistook Swedish for Danish.


Anybody have any info on these drivers? If so, how much difference does it make. I wrote this on Audio Asylum some years ago: Sign In Sign Up.

There were a few more comments that I found but they are less relevant or indicative. As my Goto drivers are quite a bit more expensive than any of the above,I am not too worried about the cost differential between ,id-range. The large Elmar and Community drivers are out of questions. Ironic that I have been shopping for line stages and that those 2 were the front runners! I have had an Iwata horn with a 1. It doesn’t 24490 right to me; seems way too high.

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