It would appear that adding the brake actually increases the sound level forward of the muzzle, but behind the gun the report was reduced to a level where I would feel comfortable not using ear plugs. The ones sanded down a lot don’t have any adaptability. Feddersen barrels shoot extremely hot 22 LR ammo exceptionally well, which is what you want for a long-range gun that can reach beyond the 50 or yard mark. I still don’t understand why they provide thumb tacks to secure targets on the cardboard For the best all-around utility stock on a truck gun, Hogue makes some outstanding examples that are coated in the rubber used on their grips. Richards seems to have improved their quality processes.

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June 5th, The MLR Receiver is a top-end precision billet receiver. Use of our website s implies understanding of our content disclaimer and privacy policy. The final finish turned out great and looks awesome with the blacked-out components.

I’ll give a range report soon. Our stocks come with approximately 1″ of extra material on the end of stocck tip to allow the customer to shape it according to individual taste. This is my build. Sign up for the All Outdoor weekly email and never miss our most popular stories.


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. My finished tack driver project By loudcherokee in forum General. The 22 LR round already has such a tackdriger report from a rifle that many people do not use hearing protection, but I wanted to be cautious. It was 100/22 good price so I figured I’d give it a shot. The power and clarity of this Nikon Monarch optic deliver down range.

November 8th, Last edited by austin; at Put in the time and you will be pleased with the results.

Cheapest way to build a tackdriver 10/22 [Archive] –

Any input would be appreciated. I strongly suggest you head over to http: Anyway, you can still find old, used. Find all posts by TXNimrod.

I have a marlin bolt action that has been used and abused and hardly ever cleaned after having 3 generations of kids put the muzzle in the dirt. Wolf and SK standard velocity ammo would be a good start, but I’m not sure how it will cycle in a semi-auto. As far as Richard’s goes, their recommendation to start with 80grit for sanding out their milling marks doesn’t mean tcakdriver there is enough material to do any major changes, we’re only talking about a few thousands of an inch!

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver

If you’re truly wanting to shoot accurately, assuming your rifle is capable of great accuracy, at some point you’ll probably want some windflags. The stock can be finished with your choice of oil, urethane, or other finishing compound you prefer. At the top level, it’s all about being consistent from shot to shot.


In the case of 22 long rifle, even a subsonic round will build enough speed to go supersonic when it leaves the bore. I’ll spend a little money on ammo.

I am on the endless journey of making it a tack driver.

Originally Posted by austin Wild looking stock. I’ll take a stab at offering a few suggestions.

Building tack driver – Forums

Even with taking out all the slop, the trigger is nowhere near the Kidd trigger I just got. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There’s a Sightron 36X in the classifieds right now that would make a good BR scope.

Atckdriver one of these parts makes a great first step toward any trigger job.

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