Here’s the whole Mobiblu kit. Put ’em in record mode, then just pop ’em in your tape deck. Many similar cassette-style MP3 players can be found on eBay, but most of these have a power or audio cable attached which precludes its use in many cassette players unless an opening can be made for the cable – too awkward. Dedicated geeks will, at a glance, recognise the class of gadget into which the Mobiblu DAH fits. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Pressing the cassette’s buttons in certain ways calls up equaliser settings and bookmarks. This is exactly what happened when I tried the Mobiblu player in my car cassette deck; the deck wouldn’t play, fast-forward or rewind, so I couldn’t use the track-skip feature.

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The things are on sale in discount stores now, for heaven’s sake; they’ll be in cereal boxes next week. They also both run from mobibku same standard rectangular “gum stick” NiMH battery, and come with Was this review helpful?

The tuners, these days, are often real integrated components, not some gimmicky separate unit. It’s FM-only, it’s got the usual seek-and-store features just as well, with no display or analogue tuning wheeland it works well enough. This thing does so much more.

Both players have an exceedingly minimal interface – four buttons including two two-way rocker switchesone tiny bi-colour LED green and red on the Digisette, blue and red on the Mobiblu Although there’s no display on the main unit apart from a small flashing LED, the included cable remote with clothing clip can be plugged in providing a simple LCD display along with ‘tape’ and volume control buttons.


Write a review on ProductReview. Give Dan some money! The wire for the adapter comes out of a corner nearest the opening of a car mibiblu deck and any other deck with a slot-load design ; you can use adapters in regular cassette decks as well, but may have to snip a bit out of the door to let the wire through. The Mobiblu player can also record from the radio; when it does, it fixes its volume setting, again to avoid clipping.

The adapters are surprisingly durable, need no batteries, and often work very well. Mlbiblu a review Ask a question.

Further, it’s built-in mike means live recordings can be made and it can also record from its FM radio or ‘line-in’ through the ‘tape’ heads. They don’t necessarily sound great their bundled headphones are invariably craptacularand they can have a hard time driving proper headphones, toobut they’re so cheap that a lot of people go out to buy a USB “thumb drive” and end up coming home with one that can also play music.

MobiBLU DAH-220

Talking in a normal voice from a foot or two away from the DAH gives a very clear result, regardless of the orientation of the player. The DAH even has a little geared rubber roller to engage the cassette deck’s pinch roller, but it helped not at all.

I’m a sucker for devices that connect things together in novel mobinlu, so MP3 cassettes appeal to me on general principles. You can’t stop it or skip tracks without ejecting it, but at least you get music.

If only you could select better sound quality. Apparently no dau play although manual suggests there is. If you’ve ever found yourself sticking your finger into a car cassette deck slot to wiggle the tape around for better sound, you’re doing the same thing this slider does.


Review: Mobiblu DAH MP3 player

That’s more than three and a half hours of kilobit per second MP3s. It’s possible, by the way, to add an extension antenna to gadgets that use the headphone-cord-antenna strategy; you just wind a bit of wire around the bottom of the headphone plug.

Given the construction quality of the average cassette adapter, you really ought to be able to. Pressing the cassette’s buttons in certain ways calls up equaliser settings and bookmarks.

Mobiblu DAH Cassette Flash MP3 Player – Portable Audio / Video | Image Gallery | Gear Live

I found the Mobiblu worked fine on its middle setting on the decks I tried, though. The old Digisette, though, only has 96Mb of built-in memory.

Aus PC Market no longer sell the Mobiblu player, but they’ve got plenty of others! Note, also, the little very-fake-leather pouch. Both players have an MMC expansion slot for more memory which comes with a piece of dust-excluding plastic in it.


Feature list OK – so what’s the same, and what’s different? It wasn’t very exciting either, though. Being able to record through the tape heads is, I think, more of a gimmick than a feature the world’s been clamouring for, and FM record’s not moiblu thrilling either.

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