Click it to save the displayed camera video. Chapter 1 Video Capture Cards This chapter includes the following information: A highlighted channel number means that channel has recorded data. Local suppliers may support them in due course. Pearl Echo Installation Checklist Use this checklist to enter critical installation and setup information that will be required to install Pearl Echo in your network.

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Select displaying Electron Map or not when there is an alarm. Auto Connect while Alarm: Refer to speed dome menu for more details.

For more details please refer to Readme. No selection means no alarm popup. On the other hand one LiveCenter system can support maximum 64 channel connections to different servers simultaneously. Alarm Linkage Speed Dome can be linked with sensor.


Select camera channel type. Virtual IP function check 5.

By choosing the D1 setting, as in the above figure, the number of video channels will be reduced by half 2. See the following 2 figures.

Download: Drivers | ILDVR

Then you can plan your TV-out switches. Realtime monitor and remote search connecting port Alarm listen Port: Assign a network computer IP address to receive alarm message when there is an alarm.

Select alarm driver type. Exit to windows desktop. Select this sensor port to use or not. Please read this manual before using this product and save for future.

Remote server IP address or domain name. Set system parameter Display the total number of channels. Installing Backup More information.

Please refer to section 3. Application Note The bit operating system. TV-out port 1 will display ch-1, ch, ch and ch in 4-window viewing mode. Uldvr agree to receive offers from other companies.


You can find a complete list of all the program’s More information. Select record frame rate fpsonly support in VBR mode. Adjust voice volume Tips: We recommend to see video-observation monitors.


Split mode shift button 2. Set Save mode in Setup interface.

The message must not be more than symbols. Certain names of program products More information.

Windows OS and Device Drivers installation steps 3. Input your description of ilvr sensor. In main interface click button to start recording of active window. This means that one server can support Max.

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