Marketing is done through a nationwide network of independent sales representatives and stocking distributors. We are using a pre-built image from October Our websites use cookies to optimize your experience. Thks a million in adv. Topics covered in this article touchscreen touch Linux. If it is a hardware issue due to noise or settling time, is there a software workaround just by running at a different clock rate? Add module Remove module Move module Rotate module Connecting and disconnecting module Touchscreen We also made progress in making Geppetto more mobile friendly.

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Hi Ash, Thanks for the suggestion for my 2 issues. If not, I wouldn’t mind starting this in its gusmtix thread. We also made progress in making Geppetto more mobile friendly. In reply to this post by BrentP. The Alto35 replaces Gumstix’ Palo35 Overo-series expansion board, offering all of the same off-the-shelf features and the added benefit of customizability via Geppetto.

For recipes that just use source code in your recipes folder, you can simple edit and re-bitbake. As I’m a newbie to Linux world thus I follows closely the wiki guides to setup my development machine on Ubuntu Hi, We have several gumstix overo with gumwtix expansion board and LCD touch screen.

I have the exact same problem with an Overo water and Chestnut.


Gimstix answersorryit is just a lot to explain in one go! Gumstix is the first company to offer a touchscrren system Geppetto for designing and ordering custom embedded computers, trimming a typical four-month process to three weeks.

The fact that setting defaultdisplay to dvi was a clue and got me to looking closer. Topics covered in this article touchscreen touch Linux. Here is some documentation on the opkg command: Installation’s a snap, and flexible recovery options mean your data is safe, secure and there when you need it.

Gumstix Alto35 Customizable Touchscreen Board

For example this battery. Comments are the property of their submitters.

Must be between 5. Clone and kickstart your customized Arbor 43C expansion board Explore and otuchscreen a customized expansion board from scratch Learn more about Geppetto Related Posts Learn more about this product by checking out the following: BrentP wrote I’m having precisely the same issue. More information may be found at the Gumstix Alto35 page. I wonder that you are seeing electrical interference between the backlight circuitry and the touchscreen Gmustix samplingthis sounds increasingly like a hardware issue.

Interestingly, If I set defaultdisplay to dvi, the touch panel is no longer recognized. For updates about your order, please contact us via chat below or email at sales gumstix. Thus, I wish to know where I should edit the source file so that bitbake will pickup the modified source file and rebuild the image with the new frequency. But, I don’t know where are the source gimstix located in my development machine to make the changes so that it will be pickup and compile using the ‘bitbake omap3-desktop-nand-image’ command.


The Alto35 is available with a 3. I had to resort to using one of the gumstix aerials as a stylus, as the touch screen would not accept any of my finger presses. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

General mailing list for gumstix users. But being a newbie allows me to contribute with a “Get Start for Newbie” like me in the future.

Files that are needed such as bootloader and operating system to create a bootable disk imageare available below.

Gumstix Alto35 Customizable Touchscreen Board

Right now, we have not implemented a way to revoke access so please be careful when sharing. There is some basic documentation here: However, if you post back about what specific source code you wish to change, the community will likely have some touchscrden suggestion on how best to handle that particular case. Hi, On Mon, Jun 27, at

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