I flagged support by using support. The only glitch in the operation came when using the Control: So we’ve made some electronic adjustments to the MM-1 to make sure the sweet spot is where you are: These are pretty good little speakers. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I am asking because I stumbled across this posting on computer audiophile today where the below was mentioned…. Quick Setup The MM-1s looked like so much fun that I resisted the urge to read the instruction manual.

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Bowers and Wilkins B&w Mm-1 Computer Speakers Mm1 | eBay

Please fill the below form. Create new account Request new password. As always, size does matter. It’s so quiet as to be barely perceptible so at least in this particular set I wouldn’t call it an issue. I could go on but the bottom line is that people have become more accepting of really compact powered desktop monitors that sell for somewhat high prices.

I just returned my pair mmm1 few days ago because I started hearing a buzz when no music was playing when the volume was near its max.

Hi allenvexler Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the mn1 response here. I’ve never seen it again for that cheap again and I pay pretty good attention to these mmm1. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Submitted by John Grandberg on December 18, – But mj1 you’d expect nothing less from the makers of the award-winning Zeppelin iPod speaker, not to mention some of the most advanced studio speakers in the world.


They’re true hi-fi speakers, shrunk to fit on your desktop. I did not have Exclusive Mode checked. You’ll always be right in the middle of the action. Best way to know if you m1 the right audio system Best way to know if you bought the right audio system by Steve Guttenberg.

B&W MM-1 – speakers – for PC Overview – CNET

In this case, guys who wear suits and schwanky offices and still want something that sounds good. The max rate is 48KHz. I had have these for a while now The silver metallic accents do more than just catch your eye – the right speaker features hidden volume controls and the top section acts as a heat sink for the electronics housed below.

Cyber Monday sound bars deals available now: I am glad you thought of reviewing these speakers despite them being out for so long. I ran into the same problem you did i.

Software Updates

However, it also only shows 16 bits as the sample size km1 I know Roon is happy to send 24 bits to the MM-1s. Great for the Apple demographic who want some style with their speakers that’s not to say they are all style-no substance, these speakers offer strong doses of both.


High Quality Headphone Output MM-1 makes private listening a pleasure, thanks to its high-quality headphone output.

View Shopping Cart Order Anytime: MM-1 Built with attention to detail and craftsmanship, MM-1s transform your computer into a Hi-Fi sound system, using technology taken from some of the best-sounding studio speakers in the world.

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My only beef with these is that there’s a bit of hiss coming through the amp even with no music playing and the right speaker gets quite warm even when idling with no music.

They actually worked quite well in my kitchen, fed via a nearby Apple Airport Express. We’ve also gotten more accustomed to using powered monitors like the Emotiva airmotiv5 so it almost has to be separated into two distinct catagories: So your computer speakers should be just as versatile.

Ask random folks on the street if they have heard of Wilson, Sonus Faber, Rockport, or Harbeth, and the answer will almost certainly be no. These are pretty good little speakers.

The MM-1 is a 2. I really like the sound of these speakers, and if I could find it on sale, I’d jump on it again.

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